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Scholarship and school admission exam will be held on 17 FEBRUARY 2024.


Our secondary school, which started operating in the 2018 academic year, is Bodrum's first boutique private Turkish lower secondary school. A maximum of 160-180 secondary school students are accepted for registration.

The ultimate goal of our school is that our students will experience their adolescence and at the end of their 4-year secondary school education:

• Speaking foreign languages,

• Strong academic infrastructure,

• Recognizing different cultures,

• Self-aware,

• High communication skills,

• Open to collaboration,

• Their sports and artistic skills have been sharpened

• Adheres to the principles of ATATÜRK and does not deviate from the principle of peace at home and in the world.

• Being good, beautiful, smart and just (with IZGI),

It has the horizon of raising future generations.


Founders and Management

Our college: It was founded and actively managed by English and Science teacher Erdal BALCI, a graduate of Middle East Technical University Faculty of Education, Department of Science and Mathematics, and Classroom Teacher Mine TEZER, a graduate of Ege University Faculty of Letters.

Education-training ecosystem

Our school has a closed area of ​​1600 m2 and an open play and sports area of ​​750 m2. 9 smart secondary school classrooms, Visual Arts Workshop, Science Laboratory, Music Classroom, Library, Indoor Sports Classroom, Chess and Intelligence Games Workshop, Table Tennis Area, Music and Technology Design Classroom, cafeteria and recess areas, as well as teachers' room, administrative units, guidance office. We plan the entire education process of our students in the best possible way, including the room and other compulsory areas.

One of the founding purposes of Private Bodrum Izgi British Culture College Secondary School is to be a school where both Turkish and foreign students receive education together. An average of 20% of our students are foreign students. This creates important opportunities for our students to meet different languages ​​and cultures.

Important information about education-training processes

• 6 days a week (45 lesson hours on weekdays + 4 lesson hours on weekends) lessons and activities

• 9 lesson hours per day (between 09.00 – 17:05)

• 1400 hours of English education (at B1-B2 level) in 4 years

• An average of 210 days of education is provided per year.

• French or Russian is taught at A1-A2 level as a second foreign language education.

• English Science and English Mathematics courses (UK secondary school curriculum) Cambridge Science and Math Grade 4,5,6 & 7 are completed

• Regular Turkish lessons are given every week for foreign students.

• On Saturdays, there is a LGS exam preparation program for 8th grade students, supplementary lessons for 5th, 6th and 7th grade students, and team and individual sports and artistic activities for all students.

• A 2-week English and secondary school orientation program is implemented for 5th graders (before schools start).

• 10 lesson hours a week of sports, arts and club activities.

• The school's music and painting workshops are open every break under the supervision of teachers to help students develop their artistic skills, and students can continue their artistic work during the day, even during breaks.


*Other private and public secondary schools in Turkey provide education 180 days a year.


Student Tracking & Monitoring

• Each student is included in an individual study and follow-up program both academically and behaviourally.

• Attendance, exam success, and homework checks are systematically monitored individually.

• Parents are informed regularly throughout the day. (Written and visual)


Advantages of Boutique School

Our school offers you a warm, friendly and constructive sharing environment where students, teachers and administrators establish a bond of love, respect and knowledge at every step, with its minimal but useful campus that can offer you all the achievements of boutique schooling.

It offers an extremely safe and peaceful space for our children, with its concept where every individual can reach each other quickly and easily, its concept that allows follow-up, control, observation and guidance to be carried out in a healthy way almost at any time of the day, and its coordinated professional work.

This is a reliable institution where no child can get lost among the crowds, where all staff are highly aware of each student, where children are accustomed to an environment of one-on-one attention, and where they are in close contact with parents sincerely and without delay in every situation.

Scholarship and school fees

Fees and discounts or scholarships for students who will enroll in our school for the first time in the 2024-2025 academic year will be determined according to the results of our scholarship exam to be held on February 17, 2024. Food and book fees are fixed for all students. Book fees are collected in advance during final registration. The total tuition fee and meal fee can be paid either in cash or in 10 equal installments (debit difference is added) via bank overdraft system or credit card. School bus or transportation fees are covered entirely by the parent and are not included in the school fees.

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